"దేశ భాషలందు తెలుగు లెస్స" - తుళువ రాజు శ్రీకృష్ణదేవరాయ
"dESa bhAshalaMdu telugu lessa" - tuLuva rAju SrI kRshNadEvarAya
Telugu is the sweetest among all languages of the Land - Great Tuluva Emperor Sri Krishnadeva Raya, 16th Century

తెలుగు మాట...తేనె ఊట
TELUGU...a language sweeter than honey

మంచిని పంచుదాము వడపోసిన తేనీటి రూపం లో
తేనెకన్న మంచిదని తెలుగును చాటుదాము వేనోల్ల
ఇదే నా ఆకాంక్ష, అందరి నుంచి కోరుకునె చిరు మాట

"TELUGU - Italian of the East" - Niccolo Da Conti, 15th Century

"సుందర తెలుంగిళ్ పాటిసైతు" - శ్రీ సుబ్రహ్మణ్య భారతి
"suMdara teluMgiL paaTisaitu" - SrI subrahmaNya bhArati
Let us sing in Sweet Telugu - Tamil poet Sri Subrahmanya Bharati, 20th Century

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Telugu boards may be made mandatory

Government to make it mandatory for shops

  • YSR concerned over neglect of Telugu in every day life
  • Resolution passed in Assembly on classical status to Telugu

  • ARTISTIC PROTEST: Children leading the procession to Ravindra Bharati on Saturday.- PHOTO: P.V.Sivakumar

    HYDERABAD: The State Government is proposing to make it mandatory for commercial establishments in the city to display name boards in Telugu language.

    At a gathering of Telugu Association of North America's (TANA) తెలుగు భాష చైతన్యోత్సవం (Telugu Basha Chaitanyotsavam) here on Saturday, Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy expressed concern over the neglect of Telugu in every day life.

    A resolution was passed in the Assembly recently and was forwarded to the Centre seeking classical language status for Telugu, he said. "Time has now come to make people aware of the decline in Telugu usage ," he said.

    On the occasion, Telugu Language Movement Federation president C. Dharma Rao was felicitated. Earlier, TANA members and school students, software employees, artistes and volunteers of Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University took out a procession from the university premises to Ravindra Bharathi.

    Courtesy: The Hindu

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    Friday, December 29, 2006

    Thyagaraja Aradhana begins on Jan 4th

    THANJAVUR: The 160th aradhana of saint composer Sri Thyagaraja will be held from January 4 to 9, 2007, at the saint's samadhi on the banks of the Cauvery at Thiruvaiyaru in Thanjavur district.

    Andhra Pradesh Governor Rameshwar Thakur will inaugurate the festival. Musicians will render the pancharathna kritis and pay homage to the saint on that day. All leading musicians are participating in the festival.

    Courtesy: The Hindu

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    Thursday, December 28, 2006

    Telugu American to be New Jersey governor

    Kris Kolluri (క్రిస్ కొల్లూరి) has become the first Indian American ever to become the Governor of a state, even though he is just a stand-in until Governor Jon Corzine of New Jersey returns from his holiday.

    Kolluri, Corzine's transportation commissioner and a cabinet member, was not his first choice.

    Senate President Richard Codey, Speaker Joe Roberts and Attorney General Stuart Rabner all declined because they were going to be away for the holidays.

    According to a piece in the Star Ledger, Codey left it to Corzine's chief of staff, Tom Shea, to call on Kolluri.

    Shea told Kolluri he would have to stay in town because otherwise, according to the Constitution, the Legislature would have to hold an emergency session to appoint a temporary Governor.

    Kolluri said he would bring his family to Drumthwacket, the Governor's mansion, for a few pictures.

    "It's pretty awesome. At best, I'll be remembered by my family as the governor. At worst, I'll be a good Jeopardy question," he told the paper.

    He will be a governor for a day, December 28, until the President of the Senate gets back to New Jersey .

    "He is going to Texas to the Rutgers game on Christmas night," Gloria Montealegre, spokesperson of the Governor, Montealegre, told rediff.com.

    The Indian community might yet one of their number as a full-fledged Ggovernor next year, given that Congressman Bobby Jindal, Louisiana Republican, has declared his intention to contest again for the post. He is expected to have an easier time in the upcoming election.

    Kolluri, 38, is the first Indian American to hold a cabinet post in New Jersey .

    With 3,900 employees and a budget of $2.6 billion, the Department of Transportation is charged with the construction, operation, maintenance and management of the state's transportation infrastructure. There are 2,344 miles of roadways and 2,454 state bridges in New Jersey .

    There were reports that Corzine plans to appoint Kolluri as chairman of the South Jersey Transportation Authority. Kolluri's chairmanship of the SJTA would give Corzine a qualified pointman to pursue leasing the Atlantic City Expressway.

    The SJTA operates both the expressway and Atlantic City International Airport and finances transportation projects to spur economic development in southern New Jersey .

    Kolluri, an attorney, earlier served as chief of staff of the state transportation department before he was appointed its commissioner.

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    Tuesday, December 26, 2006

    Bells ring, choristers sing for a second coming

    VISAKHAPATNAM: Christmas bells rang for the first time in the city in 1799 when the first organised missionary activity was launched by the London Missionary Society.

    The first Protestant missionaries George Cran and Augustus Des Granges arrived at the end of 17th century on the shores of Visakhapatnam. After a hundred years of missionary work in the city by the London Missionaries, the Canadian Baptist Mission stepped into the shoes of the London Missionaries.

    In 1844 Sir Arthur Cotton, the great irrigation architect built the magnificent St John’s Church in the Old Town called Soldierpet, while the St Paul’s Church near the Circuit House was built by Captain J H Bell and the ancient St Peter’s Church in Bheemunipatnam, by the Anglican missionaries during the East India Company rule.

    Willliam Carey, a remarkable English Missionary stepped into India against all odds, in spite of the British Parliament’s Opposition to the entry of missionaries in 1760s.

    The great trail blazer of Christian Missions supported by none came to Calcutta as a cobbler and while mending old shoes of those who came to him began to talk about Jesus Christ who he stated would mend the eternally tainted souls of human beings.

    Another feather in the cap of Christian History of Visakhapatnam is William Carey’s Bible translation into Telugu at the London Mission Memorial Church at the Old Town. Spending time in prayer, Carey translated the gospels into Telugu.

    Carey’s commitment and dedication to the cause he held very dear to himself is reflected in the fact that he was an English missionary who had mastered 40 Indian languages and translated the New Testament into 40 languages.

    He also translated the Bible into 24 Indian languages including Telugu, Oriya, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi and Tamil. Carey was the first to bring the printing press to India and publish the Holy Bible which he translated from the original Hebrew and Greek languages.

    "Santa Claus, an 18th century Saint of England who was originally known as Nicolas observed Christmas as a festival of gifts to signify that Jesus was God’s son gifted to the earth to save the mankind from its sins. He was also a philanthropist who liberally gave gifts to people. In course of time, Nicolas was called St Nicolas. Over the years he was called Santa Claus," explains Rev G Isaiah, Pastor of Quirk Memorial Baptist Church in the City.

    Isaiah says the first Xmas tree was planted in 1605 by German Protestant Martin Luther at his house to bring home the spiritual truth that the first Adam created by God lost the "tree of life" by his sin and that Jesus known as the second Adam came to restore the eternal life which was lost by Man, adds Pastor Isaiah.

    Similarly, the first Christmas greeting card in Great Britain was printed by artist Marshal Law with the words "Happy Christmas and Merry Christmas."d

    Courtesy: NewIndPress

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    Friday, December 22, 2006

    Guntur: Colorful beginning to 'Janapada Kalotsavam'

    GUNTUR: `Dream and colourful beginning' was how people of Guntur and folk artistes from all over Andhra Pradesh described the inaugural జానపదం (Janapadam) rally from NTR Stadium to Sri Venkateswara Vignana Mandiram on Friday evening.

    As part of the three-day biennial జానపద కలోత్సవం (Janapada Kalotsavam) organised by the Telugu Association of North America (TANA), some 300 folk artistes, schoolchildren and art lovers walked on the main roads behind popular cine actors Suttivelu, Rallapalli and Minister for Education Pinnamaneni Venkateswara Rao dancing to the tunes of డప్పు విన్యాసాలు (dappu vinyasalu). People cheered `Kalika Devi' dancing with 10 hands before the beginning of the rally to the satisfaction of కాలికాదేవి నృత్యం (Kalikadevi Nrutyam) artiste.

    Dilli Rajeswari, Ahuti Prasad, Shivaparvathi, Annapurna and Ramjagan, who entertained people with their comedy in several popular Telugu movies, could not resist dancing to the tunes of కొలాటం (Kolatam) team.

    బుట్టబొమ్మలు (Buttabommalu) and తప్పెటగుళ్లు Thapettagullu) proved to be crowd pullers. A tastefully decorated గంగిరెద్దు (Gangireddu) stepping onto a small child and showing its dancing abilities received appreciation from people.

    TANA president Bandla Hanumaiah, TANA Foundation chairman Tripuraneni Tirumala Rao and kalotsavalu convener Ch. Udaykumar accompanied the artistes and VIPs to some distance.

    It was for the first time many people were watching some of the art forms like పులివేశాలు (Puliveshalu), వీరనాట్యం (Veeranatyam), and కట్టిసాము (Kattisamu).

    Hundreds of people watched the rally from rooftops and balconies of apartments. Once the procession reached Vignana Mandiram, a formal inaugural ceremony followed, where Mr. Hanumaiah sought suggestions from people on ways and means to preserve these art forms.

    The TANA was also considering providing some pensions to poor artistes.

    Courtesy: The Hindu

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    Telugu set to get a push in the US

    Telugu being introduced in Texas, Michigan, California universities
    • TANA's contribution to meet expenses for five years at each university
    • More than 50 per cent of Telugu children in US speak the language
    VISAKHAPATNAM : Members of the Telugu Association of North America (TANA) are contributing one lakh dollars each to three American universities to meet the cost of introducing Telugu as a language of study for the Telugus in the US.

    "To start with, Telugu is being introduced in the universities of Texas, Michigan and California and later we are planning to have Telugu taught at New Jersey, New York and some other universities," said regional vice-president and co-chairperson of cultural committee of TANA Damodar Gedela here on Wednesday.

    Hindi was the only Indian language being taught at American universities, that too in one or two universities and Telugu was being introduced at three universities simultaneously. The money contributed by TANA would meet the expenses for five years at each university and later the university would run the course on its own.

    Course material

    The course material was prepared by the Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University and would be formally released during TANA's 16th conference to be held in July next year. Telugu-speaking people in the US decided to promote and sustain their mother tongue as it faced the threat of becoming extinct. "More than 50 per cent of Telugu children in the US speak the language", said Mr. Gadela.

    Courtesy: The Hindu

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    Monday, December 18, 2006

    Telugu Satellite TV bridges the language barrier abroad

    Telugu channels help NRI children pick up their mother tongue, says TANA coordinator Telugu channels beaming movies and serials have ensured that our children pick up the language easily, says TANA coordinator

    HYDERABAD: Technology has taken away the present generation from their cultural ethos is the argument of traditionalists.

    But the same technology is helping youngsters thousands of miles away bond with their language and culture.

    The beaming of Telugu satellite channels right into the drawing rooms of United States and advent of Telugu newspapers on Internet has brought smiles to the worried faces of Telugu migrants who were alarmed over their wards' upbringing in an alien atmosphere.

    "Telugus who migrated to US three decades ago were concerned about their children not picking up the language but not the parents who went there in the last one decade," says Udaykumar Chapalamadugu, Coordinator of Telugu Association of North America (TANA).

    Just like home

    "Thanks to satellite TV, Telugu channels beaming movies and serials have ensured that children pick up the language easily," he says.

    The increased flow of Telugus into the US, thanks to the IT boom that started a decade ago, also played a vital role. "Earlier, the numbers were few and scattered but now in many cities even neighbours at home and office are Telugus creating a homely atmosphere," he points out.

    Every neighbourhood has a grocery shop or a restaurant managed by an Andhraite. But Mr. Udayakumar says the absence of learning material is a barrier. However, with University of Michigan starting an undergraduate programme in Telugu, youngsters can now pick up writing skills too.

    Local Telugu associations including TANA have identified a Telugu teacher Kandala Srinivasa Chary, who designed Telugu teaching material to teach it as a foreign language to the second and third generation Telugus.

    TANA has also decided to fund Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University for preparation of study material for young Telugus in the USA.

    Courtesy: The Hindu

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    Folk Art festival in Guntur

    To hold sports meet for physically challenged children

    HYDERABAD: As a part of its efforts to encourage rural artistes and promote Telugu culture, the Telugu Association of North America (TANA) will hold a folk art festival in Guntur from December 22 to 24 and a cultural and sports festival for physically challenged children in Visakhapatnam on December 27. It would be followed by a two-day programme on promotion of Telugu language wherein eminent speakers from various fields would present papers on the need to promote the language, according to Udaykumar Chapalamadugu, coordinator, TANA India activities.

    Speaking to reporters here on Sunday, he said the three-day conference in Guntur would discuss steps to preserve Telugu folk art apart from helping the artistes to continue the tradition.

    Papers to be presented

    The activities for this year would be wound up with the Telugu Language convention in Hyderabad wherein language experts would present papers on Telugu as an official language, as teaching and classical language, journalism in Telugu and TANA's service to Telugu literature.

    Mr. Udaykumar said to create awareness for declaration of Telugu as a classical language by the Central Government, TANA had been organising seminars all over the State. He said a delegation of TANA would also present a memorandum to Union Minister for Tourism and Culture Ambika Soni demanding classical language status to Telugu.

    Courtesy: The Hindu


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    Sunday, December 17, 2006

    World Telugu Federation to host 'Vizag Run'

    VISAKHAPATNAM: World Telugu Federation-Youth Wing will host ‘Vizag-Run’ in the city on December 24.

    The 10-km run begins at the Rama Krishna Beach, proceeds to Appu Ghar and culminates at the RK Beach taking a U-turn.

    Disclosing the details, Federation president Kavita D Chitturi said that the programme was open for all sections of people and prior registration was required.

    One can register their names at the following centres by paying a registration fee Rs 30 for the run, Rs 150 for official Vizag Run T-shirt and Rs 10 for school chidren (aged below 15) before December 22. Participation certificates would also be given.

    The registration centres are: Swarnabharathi Indoor Stadium, e-Seva centres, port trust Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, CMR shopping mall, Food-Ex, book centres, Spencer’s hyper market and RK Beach.

    More details can be had over phone nos. 0891-2707873 and 2707893. Film actor Sai Kumar, badminton player P Gopichand, programme coordinator SV Ramanaiah were present.

    Courtesy: NewIndPress

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    విశాఖపట్ణం: Scientific seminar on Telugu, Hindi in the city

    VISAKHAPATNAM: A two-day national seminar on the scientific and technical terminology in Hindi and Telugu would begin in the city on Saturday under the auspices of the Andhra University Hindi Department and Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology of the Union Human Resource Ministry.

    Noted Hindi writer and former Rajya Sabha member Ratnakar Pandey, who briefed mediapersons about the seminar said nine professors of Hindi and Telugu who retired between 1998 and 2006 in South India would be honoured in the function. Among other things the seminar would deliberate the theoretical aspects of the two languages, how words are coined, Hindi-Telugu comparative terminology and scientific and technological terminologies available in the languages.

    Visakha Hindi Parishad (VHP) president and seminar convenor S.M. Iqbal said a best Hindi writer award would be given during the meet. The award, the "Umar Alisha gold medal", is sponsored by Dr. Umar Alisha, the ninth head of Sri Viswa Vignana Aadhyatmika Peetham and Chairman of Umar Alishah Rural Development Trust, Pithapuram, he said.

    Courtesy: The Hindu

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    Wednesday, December 13, 2006

    It will be only Telugu in Secretariat soon: ABK

    GUNTUR: The days when all the official communication in the secretariat will be in Telugu are not far off with the employees of the secretariat being trained in the use of Telugu software.

    State official language committee chairman ABK Prasad said that the free online training is being imparted by the National Informatic Centre.

    Speaking at an awareness seminar on 'Telugu Language' held by the district-level తెలుగు వికాసం (Telugu Vikasam) at Sri Venkesteswara Vignana Mandir here on Tuesday morning, he reiterated that the Telugu as a language would be accorded the status that is due to it only when all the correspondence in the government departments was done in Telugu.

    District collector G Jayalakshmi said that mandal-level committees have been set up to oversee the implementation of Telugu in the district.

    Superintendent of police B Sivadhara Reddy said that all First Information Reports were being written in Telugu in Guntur district.

    Joint collector Rahul Bojja, district language committee members VV Subba Rao, district educational officer Ramalingam and Zilla Parishad CEO P Sudhakara Rao were present.

    Courtesy: NewIndPress

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    Tuesday, December 12, 2006

    Telugu guy scales world's seven tallest peaks

    HYDERABAD: He is an IITian from Kharagpur and a management graduate from IIM, Kolkata. But what sets మల్లి మస్తాన్‌ బాబు (Malli Mastan Babu) apart from his academic counterparts and mountaineering giants is that he conquered seven tallest peaks in seven continents of the world in record time.

    That makes the boy from Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, the fastest to summit all the seven tallest peaks in the world, and most importantly the first Indian and South Asian to achieve it.

    Also, he is the first Indian to summit Mt Vinson Massif in Antarctica and the first from Andhra Pradesh to conquer Mt Everest.

    All this in 172 days spread over six months this year. As many as 80 others have summitted all the seven peaks before him, with the next fastest being 188 days by a Canadian — a record 'Malli' as he is fondly called by friends, beat.

    Malli hails from an agriculture family and dreamt of climbing the Everest when he was only 11-years-old. His inspiration? Lt M Vijayabhaskar who attempted to conquer the peak.

    Twenty-five years later, in January this year, the 31-year-old set his sights on the seven tallest summits of the world.

    Starting with Mt Vinson Massif in Antarctica, he conquered one peak a month, in the next six months. In February, he climbed the 6,972 metres tall Mt Aconcagua in Argentina, South America, in just 10 days as he only had a transit visa into the country and that expired in 15 days.

    Next was 5,895 mt, Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa, in March, followed by 2,228 mt Mt Kosciuzsko in Australia in April.

    He came back to India in May to take on Mt Everest, which he fondly calls his 'Mecca' and summitted the 8,850 metre peak on May 21.

    The 31-year-old adventurist then went on to conquer, Mt Elbrus in Russia in June and Mt Denali in the USA in July. "There are no great people. Only great challenges and people who surpass them. This is the thumb rule, I was taught by Captain M S Kohli who led India's first Mt Everest expedition," Malli said.

    Courtesy: TOI

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    Sunday, December 10, 2006

    C.R. Reddy statue to be installed in Chittoor

    Sunday December 10 2006 09:50 IST

    CHITTOOR: CR Reddy Memorial Trust here will commemorate the 116th birth anniversary of noted educationist Cuttamanchi Ramalinga Reddy on December 10.

    Secretary of the Trust, M V Kesav Reddy said the memorial award lecture which would be delivered by noted litterateur and Mysore University Telugu department head RVS Sundaram.

    Prizes to the winners of elocution and essay-writing competitions for high school and college students would be given at the function. The trust is planning to install a statue in the town soon.

    The trust also brought out three books మహా మేధావి సీ.ఆర్.రెడ్డి (Maha Medhavi CR Reddy), మహా మహోపాధ్యాయ సీ.ఆర్.రెడ్డి (Maha Mahopadhyaya CR Reddy), విమర్శక మేధావి సీ.ఆర్.రెడ్డి (Vimarshaka Medhavi CR Reddy) marking the centenary celebrations.

    Two books in English comprising his articles ‘CR Reddy, politics and nationalism, ‘Democracy of Indian Constitution and National Integration’ by CR Reddy were published by the trust in 2005.

    Cuttamanchi Ramalinga Reddy (1880-1951), widely known as Dr CR Reddy, was an outstanding intellectual of his time. Born at Cuttamanachi now forming part of Chittoor town, he brought nation-wide renown to his place of birth.

    A multi-faceted personality, Reddy began writing poetry in Telugu during his school days in Chittoor. Later he joined the Madras Christian College.

    The Andhra students of Madras Christian College honoured Reddy with a prize for his work ‘Musalamma Maranam’.

    He had his higher studies in Cambridge University and was the first Indian to be elected as vice president of the Cambridge Union.

    Courtesy: NewIndPress

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    Saturday, December 09, 2006

    IIT on Telugu land in three years

    This announcement was expected, considering the fact that AP has been the state sending the most of number of students to the IITs over the past many years, and Telugu is among the widely spoken languages on IIT campuses.


    New Delhi, Dec. 9: Andhra Pradesh will soon have an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) to boast of. The Union Government has in principle, decided to set up an IIT somewhere around Hyderabad, Chief minister Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy told reporters late on Friday evening after taking part in the Inter-State Council meeting.

    Though a section of intellectuals have expressed their desire to set up the prestigious Institute at Basara, the abode of Goddess Saraswati in Adilabad district, Hyderabad has been preferred by the Union government as essential facilities like schools will not be available in a place like Basara, Dr Reddy said. The institute, to be built at a cost of Rs 1,800 crores, is set to come up in three years.

    Also a national level College of Architecture will be established in Vijayawada, Dr Reddy said. It will be one of the two colleges, in addition to one such institution functioning in Delhi.

    Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle


    న్యూఢిల్లీ, డిసెంబర్‌ 9 (ఆన్‌లైన్‌) హైదరాబాద్‌ సమీపంలోని జిల్లాల్లోనే కొత్త ఐఐటిని ఏర్పాటు చేయాలని కేంద్రం భావిస్తున్నదని ముఖ్యమంత్రి వైఎస్‌ రాజ శేఖరరెడ్డి తెలిపారు. శనివారం ప్రధాని మన్మో హన్‌సింగ్‌ నేతృత్వంలో జరిగిన జాతీయ అభివృద్ధి మండలి (ఎన్‌డిసి) సమావేశంలో పాల్గొన్న వైఎస్‌ 11వ పంచవర్ష ప్రణాళికలో రాష్ట్రంలో కొత్త ఐఐటిని ఏర్పాటు చేయాలని విజ్ఞప్తి చేశారు. బాసరలో ఐఐటి ఏర్పాటుకు కేంద్రం సుముఖంగా ఉండకపోవడానికి కార ణాలేమిటని విలేకరులు వైఎస్‌ను ప్రశ్నించగా హైదరాబాద్‌కు సమీపంలోని రంగారెడ్డి, మెదక్‌, నల్లగొండ జిల్లాల్లో అయితే బోధన సిబ్బందికి అనుకూలంగా ఉంటుందని కేం ద్రం భావిస్తున్నదని అన్నారు. బోధన సిబ్బం దితో పాటు మౌలిక సదుపాయాలున్న నగరా నికి దగ్గర్లో ఉంటే బాగుంటుందని కూడా కేంద్రం భావిస్తున్నదని తెలిపారు. నిజానికి ప్రత్యేక తెలంగాణ ఏర్పాటు వాదాన్ని ఎదు ర్కోవడానికి తెలంగాణలోనే ఐఐటి ఏర్పాటు చేస్తే బాగుంటుందనేది కాంగ్రెస్‌ అధిష్ఠానం యోచనని తెలిసింది. అయితే ఆంధ్రా ప్రాం తానికి చెందిన కేంద్ర సహాయమంత్రి ఒకరు ఈ ఐఐటిని కృష్ణా లేదా గుంటూరు జిల్లాల లో ఏర్పాటు చేయించాలని ప్రయత్నిస్తున్న ట్లు తెలిసింది
    Courtesy: ఆంధ్ర జ్యోతి

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    Thursday, December 07, 2006

    Telugu unit at Israel varsity

    This news assumes significance in light of the fact that Telugu is one of the languages spoken by Jews (Bene Ephraim). The Telugu Jews from Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, have already started migrating to Israel.

    'Meet the Telugu Jews of India' - Jason L. Francisco


    Hyderabad, Dec. 6: The Potti Sriramulu Telugu University (పొట్టి శ్రీరాములు తెలుగు విశ్వ విద్యాలయం) will soon open its first centre abroad at the Hebrew University in Israel. A detailed proposal on running Telugu classes at Hebrew University has been approved by the executive council of the university which met last week.

    The proposal has been sent to the government for ratification. The university has estimated an annual expenditure at Rs 10 lakhs to run classes in Telugu literature and other performing arts in Israel. The university will post a teacher for each course, prepare academic calendar and supply study material for the students once the proposal is ratified by the government.Dean of the Hebrew University David Schulman has requested Telugu University vice-chancellor A. Manjulatha during their meet in the United States a few months ago to run Telugu classes in their university. He said there was demand for Telugu and other art forms in Israel. “He promised to admit a minimum of six to seven students in the first year.” Ms Manjulatha said.

    Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle

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    Telugu Sahithi Samskruthi Mahotsavam concludes

    Grand finale to weeklong festivities

    TIRUPATI: The weeklong సాహితి సంస్కృతి మహోత్సవాలు (Saahithi Samskruthi Mahothsavalu) in Tirupati came to a grand finale on Wednesday with noted thespian అక్కినేని నాగేశ్వర రావు (Akkineni Nageswara Rao) giving the valediction loaded with messages both to public and those in the tinsel world as well. He did not agree with the views of some cynics who blamed cinemas as a `vicious culture' poisoning the society and said that when movies projected Ramas, Krishnas, Thukarams and such other noble souls, it was the bad mindset of those who deliberately shunned them and imbibed only the demonish qualities of Ravana, Khamsa, Dussasana and Duryodana.

    He said mythological films were the unique and distinct achievement of Telugu movies and said that the credit for spreading its fame both on and off the shores of the country must go to late N.T. Rama Rao, who left an indelible impressions in the hearts of people with the immortal roles he donned as Ram and Krishna.

    Terming those who lack Telugu spirit as betrayers of their own mothers, he said that it was the strong spirit in him which made him migrate to Hyderabad from Chennai, unmindful of the travails it involved.

    Noted lyricist Veturi Sundaramamurthy likened the grandeur of the just concluded literary fete to that of the glittering `Brahmotsavam' of Lord Venkateswara. It is Telugu's Brahmotsavam, he said and complemented TTD Board Chairman B. Karunakar Reddy for organising it. Reddy said the meet adopted resolutions aimed at restoring Telugu literature and culture its prime place and wanted making the language compulsory up to SSC. The Government must also ensure that the language was effectively made the official language in administration and in the lower courts as well, he said.

    Courtesy: The Hindu


    Thursday December 7 2006 13:47 IST

    TIRUPATI: The seven-day-long Telugu Sahithi Samskruthi Mahotsavam here concluded on Wednesday with dignitaries and scholars calling on the government to use Telugu language in all its departments from Secretariat to MRO office and in the judiciary and in the government education system.

    Addressing a gathering at the valedictory, TTD chairman and president of Telugu Samskruthi Vikasa Vedika B Karunakar Reddy announced that the Vedika would play a pro-active role in galvanising the efforts of scholars and prominent persons to press the government for implementing the official language in letter and spirit.

    He said that Vedika and other like-minded individuals and associations would stand behind the government to execute the relevant laws in this regard.

    The dignitaries on the dais as well as in the audience expressed solidarity with the Vedika in this regard.

    Veteran film actor Akkineni Nageswara Rao said if the onslaught of alien culture continued at the current pace the day was not for off for the young generation to become completely ignorant of even the existence of saree and other cultural aspects.

    “If this trend is allowed to go on it will prove fatal to our culture,” he warned. Calling a united war against the present cultural degradation, he said if our children were not able even to speak properly in their own mother tongue, in the long run it would adversely affect social bonds, human values and relations.

    Senior writer and lyricist Veturi Sundara Ramamurthy also spoke.

    Karunakar Reddy felicitated Nageswara Rao and Sundararama Murthy and presented mementos to them.

    In the evening Sri Kalakrishna troupe performed Andhra Natyam followed by Janaswaram by Jadhir Tirumala Rao, Goreti Venkanna, Andesri, Renuka and Bharathi.

    Courtesy: NewIndPress

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    Monday, December 04, 2006

    కోనేరు హంపి wins India's first Gold in the 15th Asian Games

    Doha: Koneru Humpy of Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh) did India proud by winning the individual women's rapid chess championship, which concluded here on Monday night. Humpy gave India its first gold medal in the 15th Asian Games.

    Ranked second in the world among women chess players, Humpy accumulated eight points in the nine-round tournament, played in the Swiss league format, at the Al Dana Indoor hall.

    The 19-year-old Indian beat Dana Aketayeva of Kazakhstan in the ninth and final round to bring the laurels to the country in the sport, making its debut at the multi-discipline event.

    China's Zhao Xue, who was just half a point adrift of the Indian, placed second.

    India's medal tally at the Games stands at one gold, three silver and two bronze.

    Humpy, who was surprised by Xue in the sixth round on Sunday, came back with vengeance to win all the three matches scheduled on the final day.

    The Vijaywada stalwart first got the better of Irine Kharisma Sukandar of Indonesia in the seventh round and subsequently beat Mahri Geldyyeva of Turkmenistan in the eighth, maintaining her half point lead to end Chinese dominance.

    Humpy had recently defeated former World champion Anatoly Karpov of Russia at Cap d'Adge Chess Festival in France in rapid format. She will now play in the team championships, to be held in the classical format from Wednesday.

    Courtesy: Rediff


    ఆసియా క్రీడలు చెస్‌
    తొలి స్వర్ణం మన హంపికి

    ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్‌ అమ్మాయి కోనేరు హంపి... దోహా ఆసియా క్రీడల్లో చరిత్ర సృష్టించింది. ఈ క్రీడల్లో మొదటిసారి ప్రవేశపెట్టిన చెస్‌లో తొలి స్వర్ణ పతకాన్ని వశం చేసుకుంది. భారత్‌ ఖాతాలో చేరిన తొలి పసిడి కూడా ఇదే. తొమ్మిది రౌండ్ల మహిళల ర్యాపిడ్‌ చెస్‌లో హంపి 8 పాయింట్లు సాధించి అగ్రస్థానాన్ని అలంకరించింది. 'ఆ ఆనందమే మిన్న' అంటూ తన మనోభావాల్ని 'ఈనాడు'తో పంచుకుంది. ఆ వివరాలు...
    చెస్‌లో తొలి స్వర్ణం మనదే
    దోహా ఆసియా క్రీడల్లో సోమవారం భారత్‌కు మరుపురాని రోజు. తెలుగుజాతి యావత్తు గర్వపడే రోజు. ఆసియా క్రీడల చెస్‌లో తెలుగుతేజం కోనేరు హంపి సత్తా చాటింది. తొలిసారిగా ప్రవేశపెట్టిన చెస్‌లో తొలి స్వర్ణ పతకాన్ని కొల్లగొట్టింది. భారత్‌కు స్వర్ణాల బోణీ కొట్టింది. ఆసియా క్రీడల్లో మన రాష్ట్ర మహిళ ఒకరు స్వర్ణ పతకం గెలుచుకోవడం ఇదే తొలిసారి.
    దోహా: ఆసియా క్రీడల్లో గ్రాండ్‌మాస్టర్‌ కోనేరు హంపి... భారత్‌కు తొలి పసిడి పతకాన్ని అందించింది. సోమవారం తొమ్మిదో రౌండ్‌ గేమ్‌లో దానా అకెతేవా (కజకిస్థాన్‌)పై విజయభేరి మోగించి 8 పాయింట్లతో అగ్రస్థానంలో నిలిచింది. ఈ రోజు తెలుగుతేజానికి తిరుగేలేదు. సాయంత్రం ఆడిన మూడు రౌండ్లలోనూ విజయం సాధించింది. ఏడో రౌండ్లో ఇరినా ఖరిష్మా సుకందర్‌(ఇండోనేషియా)ను ఓడించిన హంపి... ఎనిమిదో రౌండ్లో మహ్రి గెల్దేవా(తజకిస్థాన్‌)ను మట్టికరిపించింది. ఆ దశలో హంపి తన సమీప ప్రత్యర్ధులు జీ ఝావో(చైనా), ఝు చెన్‌(ఖతార్‌)లకన్నా కేవలం అర పాయింట్‌ ఆధిక్యంలో ఉంది. కీలక చివరి రౌండ్‌లో అకెతేవాపై విజయభేరి మోగించి స్వర్ణాన్ని కైవసం చేసుకుంది. తొమ్మిది రౌండ్లలో ఆరోగేమ్‌లో మాత్రమే హంపికి పరాజయం ఎదురైంది. జీ ఝావోకు రజతం, ఝు చెన్‌కు కాంస్యం లభించాయి. పురుషుల విభాగంలో మరో తెలుగుతేజం హరికృష్ణ పదకొండో స్థానం లభించింది. శశికిరణ్‌కు పదమూడో స్థానం సాధించింది.

    ... ఆ ఆనందమే మిన్న

    'న్యూస్‌టుడే'తో కోనేరు హంపి
    హైదరాబాద్‌ - న్యూస్‌టుడే

    యాభై ఐదేళ్ల ఆసియా క్రీడల చరిత్రలో అపూర్వ ఘట్టం... క్రీడాంధ్రప్రదేశ్‌ చరిత్రలో అపురూప సన్నివేశం. గ్రాండ్‌మాస్టర్‌ కోనేరు హంపి... ఆసియా క్రీడల్లో స్వర్ణ పతకం సాధించిన తొలి తెలుగు అమ్మాయిగా రికార్డు సృష్టించి దేశ ప్రతిష్ఠను ఇనుమడింపజేసింది. అమ్మ తోడుంటే తప్పక పతకం తెస్తానన్న హంపి ఘంటాపథంగా చెప్పింది. ఒకదశలో తల్లి లేకుండా వెళ్లబోనని మొరాయించింది కూడా. హంపి అన్నమాటను నిలబెట్టుకుంది. విజయం తర్వాత 'న్యూస్‌టుడే'తో ఆమె తన ఆనందాన్ని ఇలా పంచుకుంది...

    ఆసియా క్రీడల్లో తొలిసారిగా చెస్‌ను ప్రవేశపెట్టారు. అందులో తొలి స్వర్ణం నేనే సాధించాను. దానికంటే కూడా ఈ క్రీడల్లో భారత్‌కు తొలి స్వర్ణం అందించిన ఆనందమే నాకు ఎక్కువ సంతోషాన్నిస్తోంది. అదీ వ్యక్తిగత విభాగంలో. చెప్పలేనంత ఆనందంగా ఉంది. చివరి రౌండ్‌లో డ్రా చేసుకున్నా పతకం వచ్చేదే. కానీ స్వర్ణం సాధించాలని పట్టుదలగా ఆడాను. ఇది ర్యాపిడ్‌ చెస్‌. తక్కువ సమయం ఉంటుంది. చాలా వేగంగా ఆడాలి. ఈ టోర్నీ కంటే ముందు ఫ్రాన్స్‌లో ర్యాపిడ్‌ చెస్‌ ఆడాను. ఆ అనుభవం ఇక్కడ పనిచేసింది.

    అమ్మ వల్లే...:

    ఆరో రౌండ్లో మాత్రమే ఓడిపోయాను. నైతిక స్త్థెర్యం దెబ్బతినకుండా అమ్మ నా వెన్నంటి నిలిచింది. నాలో ఆత్మవిశ్వాసాన్ని నింపింది. నాన్నతో కూడా ఫోన్లో మాట్లాడుతూ తరువాతి గేమ్‌ గురించి చర్చించాను. అదంతా కలిసొచ్చింది. పది రోజుల పాటు చెన్నైలో శిక్షణ తీసుకున్నాం. అది చాలా తక్కువ సమయమని నా అభిప్రాయం. అక్కడ కొన్ని వ్యూహాలు నేర్చుకున్నాం. వ్యక్తిగత విభాగంలో ఆ వ్యూహాల్ని ఆచరణలో పెట్టలేదు. టీం ఈవెంట్‌లో ఆ వ్యూహాలతో ముందుకెళ్తాం. ఐదోరౌండ్‌లో ప్రపంచ మాజీ నెంబర్‌వన్‌ ఝు చెన్‌(ఖతార్‌)పై విజయం సాధించిన తర్వాత ఆత్మవిశ్వాసం రెట్టింపైంది. కానీ తరువాతి గేమ్‌లోనే పరాజయం. అయినా సొంత ఆటతీరును కొనసాగించాను. విజయం సాధించాను. హరికృష్ణ, శశికిరణ్‌ చక్కగా ఆడారు. పతకం సాధించలేకపోయారు. టీం విభాగంలో తప్పకుండా పతకం గెల్చుకుంటాం. భారత్‌లో కంటే ఇక్కడే చెస్‌కు మీడియా నుంచి ఎక్కువ మద్దతు లభిస్తోంది. రెట్టింపు సంఖ్యలో పత్రికా ప్రతినిధులు, ఎలక్ట్రానిక్‌ మీడియా ఉంది. ఈ మార్పు చూస్తుంటే చాలా సంతోషంగా ఉంది.

    మాటలు రావట్లేదు.. తల్లి లత:

    పెద్ద పెద్ద టోర్నమెంట్లలో హంపి పతకాలు సాధించినప్పుడు వెంటలేను. ఆమె సాధించిన విజయానికి ఇక్కడ కనిపిస్తున్న ఆదరణ చూస్తుంటే మాటలు రావట్లేదు. గేమ్‌ ముగిసి పది నిమిషాలు అవుతున్నా ఇంకా హంపి దగ్గిరికే వెళ్లలేదు. అంతలా జనాలు చుట్టుముట్టారు.

    సంతోషంగా ఉంది.. తండ్రి అశోక్‌:

    హంపి స్వర్ణం గెలవడం చాలా సంతోషాన్నిస్తోంది. దేశం గర్వించదగ్గ విజయమిది. చివరి వరకు ఎంతో ఏకాగ్రతతో ఆడింది. హంపికి ప్రధానంగా ఝు చెన్‌, ఝాంగ్‌ జూ నుంచే పోటీ ఎదురవుతుందని తెలుసు. వాళ్ల కోసం ప్రత్యేకంగా ప్రణాళిక సిద్ధంచేసుకుంది. ఝాంగ్‌ చేతిలో పరాజయం తప్పలేదు. ఏదేమైనా దేశానికి తొలి స్వర్ణం అందించింది.

    Courtesy: ఈనాడు

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    Sunday, December 03, 2006

    Feminist poetry touches all aspects of humanity: Olga

    TIRUPATI: Denying freedom of speech is nothing but violation of human rights, said noted literate and feminist Olga.

    Delivering a lecture on స్తీవాద కవిత్వం (Streevada Kavithvam) at the సాహితి సంస్కృతి మహోత్సవాలు (Sahithi Samskruthi Mahotsavalu), here today, she said that the denial of freedom of speech to women all these years, curtailed their empowerment to a large extent.

    Stating that ‘feminist poetry’ was not new, as feminism could be traced back to poetry of Vijjita, wife of King Rajasekhara of 6 century AD as well as in poems scripted by many Boudha Sanyasinis, yet for centuries the male dominated society stifled the voice of women.

    Against this gloomy background the women of our society fought their way and rose from the position of being a subject of description to themselves creating panegyrics.

    Citing the banning of రాధిక స్వంతనం (Radhika Swanthanam) of ముద్దుపలాని (Muddupalani) dubbing it as obscene, she said that many poetesses faced innumerable hardships, before gaining acceptance in the society.

    She said that feminist poetry, over the years expanded from mere advocating of feminism to progressive and revolutionary poem and further portraying the sorrows and sufferings of Dalits and minorities.

    “Now it is not confined to mere women issues like gender bias or equal right but touches every issue affecting the humanity including fundamentalism and globalisation,” she averred.

    The recent enactment of laws by the government - one against sexual harassment of women in work places and the other against domestic violence, was the result of decades of sustained campaign carried out by women, she added.

    Andhra Praja Natya Mandali president Nalluru Venkateswara said that it was high time that the government came with a policy on culture, not only to save various forms of folk arts that were fast disappearing, but also to check the onslaught of TV and cinema.

    He candidly said that the domination of TV and cinema saw the rural folk arts pushed to oblivion and the present generation in villages have almost forgotten the enchanting bhajans, burrakatha and other art forms performed during various festivals and the onset of different seasons.

    Even in colleges various cultural activities marking the inauguration and anniversary of the academic year were not seen now, he said.

    With commercialism predominant in every walk of life proving costly to the folk arts and all like minded people and outfits should join together to launch a campaign against the trend proving detrimental to our art and culture, he said.

    Noted literate Vadrevu Veeralakshi spoke on సత్యాన్వేశి చలం (Sathyanveshi Chalam) while Sumathi Narendra on the topic of సాహిత్యం-మహిళ చైతన్యం (Sahityam-Mahila Chaitanyam).

    Later in the evening, TTD Chairman B Karunakar Reddy who is also chairman of the Telugu Samskruthi Vikasa Vedika which is organising the week long celebrations felicitated ‘Emesco’ publisher Vijakumar.

    The classical dance by Challa Tripurasundari and the performance of Kadiri Gopalanath on Saxophone enthralled the audience.

    Courtesy: NewIndPress

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    Avadhanam on Ghantasala songs

    Ghantasala's birth anniversary on Monday
    • Professor of Medicine will be quizzed on the songs by experts
    • A స్వర యాత్ర (swara yatra) will be taken out in the city
    HYDERABAD: December 4 will be a special day for the lovers of the legendary singer Ghantasala Venkateswara Rao.

    Coinciding with the singer's 84th birth anniversary, the Department of Culture has lined up a series of programmes. The highlight will be an `avadhanam'(an experiment which tests the performer's repertoire and memory skills) on Ghantasala's songs, to be rendered by Syed Rahamatullah, Professor of Medicine in Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences, here.

    The `Avadhanam' would last for an hour, where he would be quizzed by `pruchakas' (questioners), according to Director of Culture R. V. Prasada Raju.

    The day will start of with fans of the late singer participating in `Swara yatra' to be taken out from Telugu Talli statue to the Ravindra Bharati venue where the statue of Ghantasala will be garlanded. Musician P. Sangeeta Rao, who used to play the harmonium for Ghantasala will be felicitated on the occasion.

    Courtesy: The Hindu

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    New Ikshavaku inscription discovered in Krishna district

    Throws light on geographical locations during 275 AD

    RARE FIND: The inscribed pillar found at Gummadidurru near Nandigama in Krishna district

    GUNTUR: A new inscribed pillar found at గుమ్మదిద్దూరు (Gummadidurru) near నందిగామ (Nandigama) in Krishna district has thrown light on some new names of geographical locations during 275 AD in the Vijayanagara kingdom.

    Archaeological Survey of India's effort to revive the tourism attraction of Gummadidurru led to unearthing of a three-foot Bhrahmi lipi inscribed green limestone `Octagonal pillar' that announced the completion of 10th rignal year of Ikshavaku king Siri Yahuvala Chantamula, Archaeological Survey of India Director D. Jithendra Das told The Hindu.

    Considered the most illustrious king in the Ikshavaku dynasty, Chantamula ruled the present Nalgonda, Krishna, Khammam, Guntur and Prakasam districts for 24 rignal years and during his regime several edifices of Buddha and Hindu pandians flourished.

    The pillar with nine-inch diameter has a prakrit engraving in Bhrahmi lipi.

    `Golden age'

    "His age is considered golden age of artistic, sculptural and construction activity.

    Phenomenal development was witnessed in agriculture, trade and economy," Mr. Das said.

    Earlier, some pillars related to second, eighth, ninth, eleventh and sixteenth rignal years were discovered, but had been was missing for a long time.

    This new pillar throws light on the name of donor of the pillar, who is interpreted as nobility hailing from present Madhira mentioned on the pillar as Madhadhakadapara, according to Assistant Superintending Archaeologist D. Kanna Babu of Amaravathi, who deciphered the prakrit writing.

    The inscription read as follows:

    "Success! Obeisance Dhamma and God during the 10th rignal year of Siri Yahuvala Chantamula - Ayadevabasaka the resident of Madhadhakadapara along with his wife Ijetika, sons Dapa, Theraka, Thamula, Chauka and daughters Modi, Chula Modi, Gharasudu, Hamavadi, Bhutati, Kati erected a chaitya (stupa) at Dedagiri (now known as Gummadidurru),"

    Mr. Kanna Babu explained.

    Courtesy: The Hindu

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    Saturday, December 02, 2006

    'Weed out distortions in Telugu'

    Language losing pride of place in world literature, say writers

    CULTURAL TREAT: Laya giving an enthralling dance performance in Tirupati on Friday

    TIRUPATI: Prominent Telugu litterateurs on Friday expressed anguish over perversions and distortions that have crept into the Telugu language and culture and wanted the సాహితి సంస్కృతి వరోత్సవాలు (Saahithi samskruthi varothsavalu), currently under way in Tirupati, to give the message loud and clear to save the purity and glory of the language.

    TTD Board Chairman, B. Karunakar Reddy, the catalyst behind the fete, was present while Telugu scholar S. Sachchithanandam presided.

    `Futile education'

    A. Ramamohan Rao, who spoke on భావ కవిత్వం (Bhava Kavitvam), underscored the need to stop `artificialsing' Telugu for commercial ends while senior journalist Goteti Ramarao said that education without culture and love for one's own mother tongue was futile.

    Former Vice-Chancellor of the Dravidian University K. Arunachalam traced the link between Telugu literature and science and wanted rational and scientific elements introduced in the language to sustain its popularity.

    Sadem Ramesh of తెలుగు భాషోద్యమ సామఖ్య (Telugu Bhashodyama Samakhya), which is hosting the event, regretted that Telugu, which was in the 5th place among the world literatures, was now fast losing its place due to lack of a clear language policy. Among the speakers were Malakonda Reddy, C. Vedavathi. The day's programme ended with an enthralling dance recital by film heroine, Laya and troupe.

    Courtesy: The Hindu

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    Friday, December 01, 2006

    `Telugu a unique and versatile language'

    Cinare inaugurates week-long literary festival

    SHARING VIEWS: Telugu litterateur C. Narayana Reddy, TTD chairman B. Karunakar Reddy at the inaugural of the literary meet in Tirupati on Thursday. Joint Executive Officer G. Balaramaiah is next to him.— K.V Poornachandra Kumar

    Tirupati: The week-long సాహితి సంస్కృతి మహోత్సవాలు (Sahithi Samskruti Mahotsavaalu) began on a colourful note at the Mahati auditorium here on Thursday with the Jnanpeeth awardee C. Narayana Reddy lighting the traditional lamp. The event, conducted for the third consecutive year, is aimed at inculcating moral values and the essence of human relations at a time when mankind is plagued by materialism and ignorance of one's own roots.

    In his inaugural address, Dr. Reddy recalled the greatness of Telugu and saw a major role for litterateurs to hand over the legacy to the future generations with the values intact. Similarly, the ethnic art forms which are unique to Telugu such as పద్యనాటకం (Padyanatakam) (traditional theatre), అవధానం (Avadhanam) (literary feat) and కుచిపుడి (Kuchipudi) and పెరి శివతాండవం (Peri Sivathandavam) (dance forms), had to be protected, preserved, promoted and passed on to posterity.

    Dwelling on Telugu's versatility in accepting and digesting foreign words into itself, he cited the persian words `Tharazu' and `Khusi' that became `Thraasu' and `Khushi' during the period of Thikkana and Srinatha and the portuguese words `almirah' and `Isthri' in the latter period. "But it was the addition of Sanskrit words in a high dose that added a sweetness to Telugu," he pointed out.

    B. Karunakar Reddy, TTD chairman and president of తెలుగు సంస్కృతి వికాస వేదిక (Telugu Samskruti Vikasa Vedika), which is hosting the event, said that the impressive attendance bore testimony to the changing preferences of the public and felt it was a good augury for the resurgence of human values.

    He explained how the event was brushed aside when it was conceived and organised, appreciated in the second year and `eagerly-awaited' this year.

    TTD Joint Executive Officer G. Balaramaiah appealed to parents and teachers not to merely aim at making the children engineers, doctors or bureaucrats, but provide value-based education to mould them into responsible citizens. SVU Vice-Chancellor S. Jayarama Reddy asked students to be disciplined and well-mannered. He felt that such events would provide a welcome diversion to the students.

    In the literary sessions that followed, Mudigonda Sivaprasad spoke on వేదార్థం-వర్తమాన (Vedartham - Varthamana) and Vadrevu China Veerabhadrudu on ఉపనిషత్సారం (Upanishatsaram).

    Veteran film actors Gummadi Venkateswara Rao and Kanchana were felicitated in the evening.

    Courtesy: The Hindu


    TIRUPATI: It is high time the degrading human values are checked and a new lease of life in our culture and traditions is infused, noted lyricist and Gyanapeeth awardee C Narayana Reddy has said.

    Addressing the inaugural session of the week-long Sahithi Samskruti Varotsavalu at Mahathi Auditorium on Thursday, he said such conventions would help in alerting the people that ethical and moral values in society were falling and the trend should be arrested and our traditions revived.

    Narayana Reddy, quoting the Sanskrit saying 'Daivam Manusha Rupena', said that God resided in the enlightened soul of a human being, who lived by an ethical and moral code. He explained different schools of thought as to origin of the name Telugu for the language. "The credit for producing the first Vaggeyakara goes to the Telugu language as Tallapaka Annamacharya is considered the first Vaggeyakara," he said.

    In his presidential address, TTD Chairman Karunakar Reddy said that commercialisation had spread to human relations.

    TTD joint executive officer G Balaramaiah said human behavior depended on three factors ? genes, upbringing and education. "It is unfortunate that the present generation is interested only in the earning aspect of education and prefer to be an MBA or an engineer.

    Sri Venkateswara University Vice Chancellor echoed the views of Balaramaiah. Mudigonda Sivaprasad and Vadarevu Chinna Veerabhadrudu spoke on 'Veedartam - Vartamanam' and 'Upanishatsaram' respectively.

    In the afternoon, Kasireddy Venkata Reddy spoke on 'Ramayana Ramyata', Nagalla Guruprasada Rao on 'Bharatam Samakaleenata' and H S Brahmanandam on 'Potana Bhagavatam'. Film actors Kanchana and Gummadi were felicitated on the occasion. 'Saranam Govindam', a Kuchipudi by Swathi Somanath and team enthralled the audience in the evening.

    Courtesy: NewIndPress

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