"దేశ భాషలందు తెలుగు లెస్స" - తుళువ రాజు శ్రీకృష్ణదేవరాయ
"dESa bhAshalaMdu telugu lessa" - tuLuva rAju SrI kRshNadEvarAya
Telugu is the sweetest among all languages of the Land - Great Tuluva Emperor Sri Krishnadeva Raya, 16th Century

తెలుగు మాట...తేనె ఊట
TELUGU...a language sweeter than honey

మంచిని పంచుదాము వడపోసిన తేనీటి రూపం లో
తేనెకన్న మంచిదని తెలుగును చాటుదాము వేనోల్ల
ఇదే నా ఆకాంక్ష, అందరి నుంచి కోరుకునె చిరు మాట

"TELUGU - Italian of the East" - Niccolo Da Conti, 15th Century

"సుందర తెలుంగిళ్ పాటిసైతు" - శ్రీ సుబ్రహ్మణ్య భారతి
"suMdara teluMgiL paaTisaitu" - SrI subrahmaNya bhArati
Let us sing in Sweet Telugu - Tamil poet Sri Subrahmanya Bharati, 20th Century

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Telugu film a success in Gauteng (South Africa)

Showing was a first in four decades

Telugu film a success in Gauteng

March 30, 2005

The premiere of the Telugu film Balu ABCDEFG at the Nu-Metro Cinema in Village Walk, Sandton last Friday evening was a first, not only for Gauteng but for all four provinces which comprise the old Transvaal, according to the President of the Transvaal Andhra Sabha, Sam Naidoo.

A good crowd turned up to see the film, bolstered by its recent popularity in KwaZulu-Natal after businessman Shyam Kumar decided to screen the first Telugu film in nearly four decades to a cinema there.

Naidoo thanked Kumar for not neglecting the much smaller Andhra community in Gauteng in his plans to bring them entertainment in their own language, but also appealed to people of other communities to enjoy the product of the Telugu movie industry, the most prolific part of the Indian cinema industry, through English subtitles.

Taking full advantage of this was the Member of Parliament for Region 11, which includes Greater Lenasia, Sisa Njikelana, who was a guest at the screening, as he guffawed loudly along with the rest of the audience at comic scenes.

"From the first time I saw a Hindi film in Durban in 1984, I was very touched by the values in these movies," Njikelana said.

"It struck me that today I was encountering a new Indian language, but to me what is exciting, enjoyable and also inspiring and enriching is again the richness of the Indian culture, the values that get expressed, such as good over evil. Even though the dancing is in a Western style, the Indians have developed their own style."

Kumar said he planned to bring a second Telugu movie and some Tamil films to Gauteng soon.

And no doubt he got the local lasses - who danced before the screening - to perform with just a little extra effort in the hope of being possible participants in a Tamil film he plans to produce with local artists in South Africa!

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Monday, March 28, 2005

SourceForge.net : IndLinux - Telugu forum

The Indian Linux Project Goal is to build a Indian language enabled Linux distro & applications with support for Indian Languages.


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Monday, March 21, 2005

Telugu film in South Africa

సౌత్ ఆఫ్రీకా లో తెలుగు చలనచిత్రం
A major segment of the Indian community in S.Africa is of Telugu descent. Recently BALU - ABCDEFG was shown in theatres there, and it was a huge success. This is the first major Telugu ( or South Indian ) movie to be screened in that country. Does this signify the herald of a new pride among the S.African Telugus? Let's wait and see.

An article from the Daily News , S.Africa
The gamble pays off
March 21, 2005

By Debashine Thangevelo

Remember the recently screened Balu ABCDEFG (a boy can do everything for a girl), which was the first Telugu movie to be shown on the big screen in ages?

Well, Srenivasalu Shyam Kumar, a film distributor and producer from Hyderabad who is currently based in Durban, is the man who made it all possible.

To say that Kumar took a calculated risk by bringing out Balu ABCDEFG would be an understatement, it was a huge gamble. Thankfully for Kumar, it paid off.

"The support from moviegoers, especially from the Tamil community, has strengthened my determination to bring down about 12 Telugu/Tamil releases every year.
Of course, this depends entirely on the availability of movie theatres," says Kumar.

Not only is Kumar passionate about making movies in South Africa, he is also intent on motivating producers from the South Indian film industry to come here to shoot their films.

Kumar first arrived in South Africa for a holiday last year and fell in love with the country, the beautiful weather and friendly people, he also loved the
breathtaking, scenic locales on offer. Four months ago, with the help of a friend who is based in Durban, Kumar launched 21st Century Innovations, a film distribution and production sister company to KAD Entertainment India Pvt Ltd Hyderabad.
They also have offices in the USA, Singapore and Mauritius.

"When I arrived here a lot of people made requests for me to bring South Indian films. They said, 'You come from the film industry, why don't you organise some
films for us to watch'.

"I knew it would be easier to bring a movie here, but to release a movie it would cost a lot. I decided that even if the film that I brought down did not do well,
I would be able show it anywhere in the world and I decided to just take a chance," Kumar admits.

"I knew the genre of film that the people wanted so I went back to India and I decided that Balu was the right movie to release in South Africa - it had
comedy, a good storyline and enjoyable song and action scenes."

Looking at Kumar's background, he was born and raised in a village called Adalakata, Hyderabad. In 1975, at the age of 20, Kumar joined the YNE Studio, a studio
crew in Madras , which was known as the hub of the South Indian film industry.

Kumar worked as an assistant to skilled and sought-after cameraman Marcus Bartlay.

"I worked with Marcus for 3 to 5 years. I was his student. My film career started there and I got to work with famous actors like N T Ramrao, Shivaji Ganeshan, and MGR, to name but a few. "These legendary actors dominated the film industry
for 55 years," he recalls with fervour.

Kumar was also instrumental in constructing a small theatre in his village so people did not have to travel 10km to go and watch a movie. The theatre was named after his grandfather, T H Gangappa, and is still up and running to this day. Of course, it has been upgraded since then.

Aside from dabbling in village politics and travelling to many countries to support the Indian cricket team, Kumar, along with two other partners, started KAD
Entertainment India Pvt Ltd Hyderabad.

"Our company takes three of the six movies released every week for our own distribution. The films are shown all over the world," reveals Kumar.

Currently there are plans afoot to film a movie in South Africa. While the director and cameraman will be from India, the crew and cast will comprise local talent.

"My director is presently completing four films. This will mark his 96th to 99th film. I want his 100th film to be with me. It should start by July/August this
year," he confirms. Some of the destinations that Kumar is looking at to
shoot the movie, include the Kruger National park, Robben Island and an undisclosed location in Durban.

Kumar adds that while it takes 30 days to film a movie, it could take about three months to finalise the cast, crew and all the other details.

"My story has four heroes and one heroine. I don't want to divulge too much of the storyline, but I will say that I have included a gambling sub-plot in the romantic comedy, which will boast a local flavour."

What's next in the pipeline for this busy entrepreneur?

"I will be bringing down another Telugu film, which is directed by Prabu Deva, and a Tamil movie," Kumar says.

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తెలుగు సినిరాగాలు

శ్రీ ఎస్.ఎం.టాటా గారి 'తెలుగు సినిరాగాలూ' వెబ్సైట్


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Friday, March 18, 2005

చుట్టూ పక్కల చూడరఆ చిన్నవాడా...

....చుక్కల్లొ చూపు చిక్కుకున్నవాడా
Among the few film songs which have meaningful lyrics. From my favorite Telugu movie Rudraveena. The megastar, and action hero Chiranjeevi in a pleasantly different role as the son of Bilahari Ganapati Sastri, and projected as the person who opposes the established social norms...rules laid down and manipulated by narrow-minded individuals who used their social status and power to further their own selfish ends. The movie went on to win awards, but as expected, the 'mass-oriented' audience probably didn't make it a commercial success.

చుట్టు పక్కల చూడరా చిన్న వాడా
చుక్కలో చూపు చిక్కుకున్నవాడా
కళ్ళ మున్దు కటిక నిజమ
కానలేని గుడ్డి జపమ
సాధిన్చదు యే పరమార్ధమ
బ్రతుకును కానీయకు వ్యర్ధమ

స్వర్గాలను అన్దుకొనాలని వడిగా గుడి మెట్లెకేవు
సాటి మనిషి వేదన చూస్తూ జాలి లేని శిలవైనావు
కరుణను మరిపిన్చేదా చదువు సమ్స్కారమ అన్టే
గున్డె బన్డగా మార్చేదా సమ్ప్రదయమన్టే

నువ్వు తినే ప్రతి ఒక మెతుకు ఈ సన్ఘమ పన్డిన్చిన్ది
గర్విన్చే ఈ నీ బ్రతుకు ఈ సమాజమే మలిచిన్ది
రుణమ తీర్చు తరుణమ వస్తే తప్పిన్చుకు పోతున్నావా
తెప్ప తగలబెట్టేస్తావా యేరు దాటగానే

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Free input editor for RTS

Today's discussion in digitaltelugu group on issues related to making Telugu more widely prevalent on the net, especially through the unicode medium and improving search engine results of Telugu unicode inputs.


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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Digital Telugu Project : SourceForge.net

This project aims to become a repository of heterogeneous utilities for processing and displaying Telugu text using Unicode. Primarily, we would like to engage in collaborative efforts in developing utilities for inputting Telugu text using RTS.


Message in digitaltelugu Yahoo group:-

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Sunday, March 13, 2005

యూనీకోడ్ ...

యూనీకోడ్ వాడి తెలుగులో వ్రాయడం ఇది నా మొదటి ్ప్రయ్త్నం.

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