"దేశ భాషలందు తెలుగు లెస్స" - తుళువ రాజు శ్రీకృష్ణదేవరాయ
"dESa bhAshalaMdu telugu lessa" - tuLuva rAju SrI kRshNadEvarAya
Telugu is the sweetest among all languages of the Land - Great Tuluva Emperor Sri Krishnadeva Raya, 16th Century

తెలుగు మాట...తేనె ఊట
TELUGU...a language sweeter than honey

మంచిని పంచుదాము వడపోసిన తేనీటి రూపం లో
తేనెకన్న మంచిదని తెలుగును చాటుదాము వేనోల్ల
ఇదే నా ఆకాంక్ష, అందరి నుంచి కోరుకునె చిరు మాట

"TELUGU - Italian of the East" - Niccolo Da Conti, 15th Century

"సుందర తెలుంగిళ్ పాటిసైతు" - శ్రీ సుబ్రహ్మణ్య భారతి
"suMdara teluMgiL paaTisaitu" - SrI subrahmaNya bhArati
Let us sing in Sweet Telugu - Tamil poet Sri Subrahmanya Bharati, 20th Century

Sunday, May 28, 2006

"Telugu people took Karnataka to global level" - Sharma

Sunday May 28 2006 10:49 IST

BELLARY: "Telugu speaking people, migrating from elsewhere and settling in Kannada speaking land, had spread the fame of Karnataka all over globe", felt secretary of Ravindra Bharathi Samskrithika Sangha Uppaloori Mallikarjuna Sharma.

He was speaking as chief guest at the two day Telugu Mahasabha 2006 convention organised at Basavabhavan in Bellary. Programme was organised by Karnataka Telugu Federation.

Comparing Telugu speaking people to Lord Krishna he said like Krishna they born elsewhere, brought up at a different place and yet they brought good name to Kannada land.

Linguistically Kannada and Telugu are closely related to each other. In culture and traditions too they have similarity. So their origin is also same. Kannada and Telugu, being sister languages, must co-exist with harmony and better understanding, he suggested.

Recalling the historical details of Bellary, he pointed out that dual language policy existed since long in this region. This place is known for its language harmony, he pointed out.

Inaugurating the programme Minister for Tourism and Textile B Sriramulu regretted that linguistic fanaticism was growing in recent days. This is not a good sign. People must understand that Kannada and Telugu are two faces of same coin, he added.

"Though I am a born Telugu person I have become legislator and Minister in Bellary. Kannada or any language can be saved not through confrontation but by coordination and understanding", he pointed out.

Speaking on the occasion Lok Sabha member G Karunakarareddy wondered why Karnataka Rakshana Vedike opposed Telugu Mahasabha programme. "I had supported Kannada and Kannadigas in all ways", he recalled.

Another Lok Sabha member N Y Hanumanthappa said languages never had barriers or differences among them. Language is a means of communication. People of different languages must co-exist. They must adopt live and let live policy, he said.

Mayor G Somashekhara Reddy wishing the programme a good success wondered why some people behaved differently about the programme and opposed it.

Jayaprakash Gupta welcomed. Secretary R Devanna presented the report. K Koteshwara Rao, Raghunatha Sharma, K Ramarao were also present.

Demonstrations against Telugu Mahasabha: Failing to ban display of posters of Telugu Mahasabha -06 in Bellary the City Corporation had adopted a partial attitude towards Kannada, complained Kannada Kranthidal members.

Describing the attitude as irresponsible they submitted a memorandum to the Government by closing their mouth with black cloth.

Earlier in a meeting Kranthidal president G Shanthanagouda recalled that the Mayor G Somashekharareddy had banned displaying of Telugu posters during Kamma Mahajanasangha programme.

But he had not applied same yardstick to the programme organised by Telugu Mahasabha, Shanthanagouda added.

Kranthidal activists took out a procession from Gandhi Bhavan to DC office and submitted a memorandum.

After receiving the memorandum HQA calling Corporation Commissioner Abdul Khayyum to the venue asked why action was initiated against the posters.

Activists of Karnataka Rakshana Vedike, who demonstrated in front of Basava Bhavan where Telugu Mahasabha -06 was organised, were arrested and later released.

Courtesy: NewIndPress

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At 6:05 AM, Anonymous Rajiv Reddy గారు చెప్పినారు...

Why do u need such Mahasabhas in border areas and provoke the locals against the State Govt. Its a tactics from some anti social elements to make Bellary a one more Belagaavi.
As a local of Bellary and telugu as my mothertounge, I personally oppose this cheap tactics.

Last but least, let them do these mahasabhas in Ananthpur,Adoni and Mantralaya where kannadigas are majority.

At 9:52 AM, Blogger eswar గారు చెప్పినారు...

by Eswar Reddy Nellore DT(AP)
Any where we are shuold not forget
our Mother tongue (Telugu),So it is
Necessary to conduct Telugu Mahasabhas in karnataka where the telugu people are living and also
We need to Save our TELUGU SCRIPT also, for that we need to put pressure on karnataka government to establish telugu schools in karnataka where ever telugu people are living


At 9:58 AM, Blogger eswar గారు చెప్పినారు...

Telugu language has got major loss during the dividing the states based on language.

Andhra people lost Many telugu speaking districks in karnataka and few districs in tamil nadu.

At 10:02 AM, Blogger eswar గారు చెప్పినారు...

I am requesting all telugu people in telangana, please don't support to devide the telugu state in to two.

These are the tactics of KCR & Co.

Kalasivunte kaladu sukam.......

Please my dear brother we will be live together.

u will not get any benifits after deviding the state.

At 7:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous గారు చెప్పినారు...

we kannadigas r suppressed by indian govt.. we lost atur,solapur,,, kasargood,ooty etc... cheated in kavery river distribution ... banglore invaded by northies nd kongas....because of all this suppresions agitated towards other people nd mistook telugites in bellary... but kannada and telugu two sides of the same coin ... lets not forget we hv same origin..... so stop this worthless fight....

At 12:41 PM, Blogger Prakash Adagoor గారు చెప్పినారు...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 1:08 PM, Blogger Karnataka rakshana vedike members association గారు చెప్పినారు...

who the blady fellow posted in above comment like starting telugu school in Karnataka...its a land of kannada not an your telugu..am staying in hyderabad now.hyderabad collection 100 slums and people look like black monkey.and all films made in telugu is remake of tamil..these telugu people are copying and pasting all work from Karnataka. not only hyderabad all remaining district like hell. First u save ur telugu in hyderabad 99 % people peeks in hindi only..no body talks telugu in hyderabad..every where we can see people doing toilet in main roads..the urine flowing like river on the roads in hyderabad..telugu people don't have any resources in andra pradesh that's y they shifting to Karnataka shame less people..telugu people are not clean because I already given example abt hyderabad..and one more example is marthalli in bengaluru u can see how worst it is because telugu people staying there..finally save ur telangana first and then talk abt kannada..u guys don't have understanding in between raising ur voice abt kannada.mind it..

Jai Karnataka.
Jai kannada mathe.

At 1:24 PM, Blogger Karnataka rakshana vedike members association గారు చెప్పినారు...

kannada people took andhra pradesh to some middle level..kannada people ruling telugu film industary actor like Prakash raj,actress anushka, priya mani, soundrya, hari priya,kannada peoples are grate they are ruling india in all levels For other industary tamil hindi many actors like rajni kanth, abbas, prabhu dev, sunil shetty , anushka sharma, deepika padukone, asihwarya rai, Shilpa shetty, suddep and business man like Vijay malya raj shetty, suhas gopinath, infosys narayan moorthy, br shetty, sports man's like Venkatesh prasad, Rahul dravid, Anil kumble, shreenath, vinay kumar, I think this is enough to explain abt kannada and kannidigas..

Jai Karnataka

At 1:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous గారు చెప్పినారు...

That is funny. Telugu people have spoiled our state and nothing more.

At 8:11 AM, Blogger raja గారు చెప్పినారు...

some comments are very dirty. let us not loose our temper. somebody made comments on hyd. do they know it is the most happening and beautiful city in india.shut your mouth make some useful comments.i know how rural kannadiga look...they are dirty and unclean with stinking smell from their body...first wash them with tungabhdra water then talk

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